Whether it is a shot, a scene, or a final idea, the attempt is always to narrate a story.

What I’m interested in, is to capture these unique moments, those fleeting frames, when something unexpected is taking place. The process, in its rarest cases, holds the potential for some sort of ritual. But, most of all, it’s a game.

Graduated in 2010 with a Master’s Degree on Film Directing from the Edinburgh College of Art.

He has a Bachelor’s Degree on Communications with a specialization in Advertising and Public Relations from the American College of Greece.

He has written and directed short and feature documentaries and feature films for cinema, with participation in film festivals around the world.

He has written and directed theater plays (The Code, 2011 and Herostratus, 2012/13) showcased in small theater venues in Athens.

He tremendously enjoys directing music videos as an expressive artistic outlet. From 2018 onward, he is a member of the Ception of Ty project, writing and reciting lyrics and directing their concept videos.

He has written two poetry collections that have been published by Astarti Publishing House, My presence beneath your legs (2019) and White Days (2013).